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  • Vegetable Seed Kit


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Organic Vegetable Seed Kit

Organic - Vegetable Seed Kit An easy way to grow popular vegetable varieties in your backyard that are easy to grow!

INCLUDES: Beefsteak tomatoes, California Wonder Peppers, Muncher Cucumber, Scarlet Nantes Carrots, & Buttercrunch Lettuce

This vegetable seed kit comes with the most popular vegetables for home gardens. Grow enough vegetables to feed a family of 6 all year round. If grown properly this seed kit can produce well over $1000 worth of produce in one gardening season! Not only will you save money but your family will enjoy 'Organic' vegetables grown in your backyard!

Don't let any vegetables go to waste. Learn new techniques to store your vegetables for longer shelf life. Enjoy fresh canned vegetables in the winter! The possibilities and recipes are endless!