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Smooth, also called Flat-leaf, spinach is hands down the most popular type of spinach in the United States. Leaves are smooth, pointed leaves, tender texture, and slightly sweet flavor. Smooth spinach is often harvested young for its small, tender, and sweet flavor.
Red Kitten Spinach Seeds


Red Kitten is an excellent baby leaf spinach that does well in spring, fall and winter. Uniform, smooth leaved that grow straight and upright.

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Bordeaux Spinach Seeds



This spinach has smooth dark green red-veined leaves of sweet and delicate flavor. Stems are also red, but turn green when cooked.

Noble Giant Spinach Seeds


Noble Giant spinach produces huge, dark green leaves with delicious flavor. Spinach is great in salads, cooked, canned or frozen.

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Olympia Hybrid Spinach Seeds


The Olympia Hybrid has thick and dark green leaves that grow upright. Highly recommended for spring, summer, fall and over wintering crops.

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Renegade Spinach Seeds


Simply the best all-around Spinach! Renegade spinach has adaptability, early maturity, heavy yields, and a super-sweet flavor!

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