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Sedum spurium Fuldaglut Plant

  • Sedum spurium Fuldaglut Plant
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Also known as Stonecrop. Fuldaglut is a low-growing, mat-forming, maroon-leaved sedum. Tiny, star-shaped, rose-red flowers (3/4") bloom in four-branched inflorescences in August. Thick, succulent, obovate, maroon leaves (to 1" long) are toothed near the ends.

Product Details
Botanical Name: Sedum spurium Fuldaglut
Pot Size: 4.25"x4.25" Quart
Weight: 1.5 lbs per plant
Plant Height: 4" inches
Plant Width: 18" inches
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
Hardy Zones: 3-10
Deer Resistant: No
Drought tolerant, Groundcover