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Red Tomato Mulch

  • Red Tomato Mulch

Grow Higher Tomato Yields with Red Tomato Mulch!





Grow Higher Tomato Yields with Red Tomato Mulch!
High-Yield Tomato Mulch helps you grow plants that are healthier, more vibrant and sure to yield more of the crops you love by reflecting the growth promoting red spectrum of sunlight onto the plants. Tests show up to 26% increase in yield of fruit and vegetables. High-Yield Tomato Mulch is ideal for tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.

Give your garden an added advantage! Tests show an increase of 26% more tomatoes when using Bonadea Gardens' High-Yield Tomato Mulch! * Retains moisture in soil around plants. * Prevents weed growth * Reduces blight caused by spores in soil splashing onto leaves.

Directions for Use Tomato Mulch
Step 1. In your garden simply roll out the red mulch on both sides of your plants.
2.Hold in place by using Bonadea Gardens' Fabric Staples, a heavy object or soil.
3.Make an occasional 'X' slit in the plastic to permit water to pass through.

Roll is 25' x 18" wide.