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Northwest Wildflower Seed Mix

  • Northwest Wildflower Seed Mix

A Pacific Northwest mix of native flowers to the region.









A Pacific Northwest mix of native flowers to the region.
Formulated for elevations below 7,000 feet in northern CA, western OR, western WA, and the coast of B.C.

Coverage Area:
1 ounce covers 125-250 sq. ft. 25 pounds covers 1-2 acres
1 pound covers 2,000-4,000 sq. ft. 50 pounds covers 2-4 acres
5 pounds covers 10,000-20,000 sq. ft. *Acre is 43,560 sq. ft.
 Genus/Species  Common Name  Type  Height "  Color
 Aquilegia caerulea  Columbine  P  24-36 Yellow/Red/Violet/Blue 
 Centaurea cyanus  Bachelor Button   A  24-36 Blue/Pink/Red/White
 Cheiranthus allionii  Siberian Wallflower  B/P   10-18  Orange
 Chrysanthemum maximum  Shasta Daisy  P  16-30 White
 Clarkia amonena  Farewell to Spring  A  12-18  Pink/Red 
 Clarkia elegans  Clarkia  A  18-30 Pink/Lavender
 Collinsia heterophylla  Chinese Hoses  A  12-24  White/Violet
 Coreopsis lanceolata  Lance leaf Coreopsis P  18-36 Yellow
 Coreopsis tinctoria  Plains Coreopsis A  12-36 Yellow-Maroon
 Delphinium ajacis  Rocket Larkspur A  12-36 White/Pink/Violet
 Dianthus barbatus  Sweet William  P  12-18  Red/Pink/Purple/Violet
 Eschscholzia californica  California Poppy  T/P  12-18  Orange
 Gaillardia aristata  Blanket Flower  P  18-24  Red/Yellow
 Gypsophila elegans  Baby's Breath  A  8-18  White
 Iberis umbellata  Candystuft  A  12-18  White/Pink
 Linaria maroccana  Spurred Snapdragon  A  12-18  Pink/Yellow/Violet
 Linum lewisii  Blue Flax  P  18-30  Blue
 Linum grandiflorum  Scarlet Flax  A  12-36  Scarlet
 Lobularia maritima  Sweet Alyssum  A  6-12  White
 Lupinus hederma  Sickel Keeled Lupine  B  36-48  Blue
 Nemophila menziesii  Baby Blue Eyes  A  6-12  Sky Blue
 Oenothera lamarckiana  Evening Primrose  B/P  24-60  Yellow
 Papaver rhoeas  Shirley Poppy  A  24-30  White/Pink/Red
 Rudbeckia hirta  Black Eyed Susan  A/B/P  12-36  Yellow
 Silene armeria  Catchfly  A/B  16-22  Pink
A - Annual 58%
P - Perennial 22%
B - Biennial 17%
TP - Tender Perennial 3%