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Mina Citronella Seeds

  • Mina Citronella Seeds

A Citrus yellow flower with long stems. Great for keeping mosquitos away!


A Citrus yellow flower with long stems.
A rare variety of Mina Lobata, Mina Citronella starts out with dark yellow buds, transforming to citrus yellow, and ending with creamy white tips. Blossoms are held upright on long stems making a nice contrast against dark green foliage. An easy to grow spectacular vine, Mina Citronella grows to 15 feet in full sun. Climbing vine is super in baskets, blooms in 10 weeks from seed.  Great for keeping mosquitos away!

Product Details
Sowing: Needs darkness to germinate, cover lightly with medium.
Sun/Shade: Sun
Germination: 10-14 days
Days to Maturity: 10 weeks
Size: Can reach up to 15 feet
Comments: Great for pots.

Approximately 10 Citronella flower seeds per packet