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  • Marglobe Supreme Tomato Plant
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3 Better Boy tomato plants. Organically grown. Shipped in 3 separate 3.5" pint pots, ready for transplant outside.

Great tomato for home, markets, canning and shipping.
The Marglobe tomato plant was originally released by the USDA in 1925. The Marglobe variety was first developed in 1917 from a cross between 'Marvel' and 'Globe'. Marglobe Supreme has been in demand for several generations while many other varieties have come and gone. This tomato plant is stocky, vigorous, and has excellent disease tolerance. Vine growth is uniform and provides good protection from sun scald.

Product Details
Zones: 3-9
Planting Depth: 5" inch
Spacing: 18-36" inches between plants, 24-36" inches between rows
Sun/Shade: Sun to Full Sun
Days to Maturity: 73-77 days
Vine: Semi-determinate
Yield: High
Weight: 6 oz. per tomato

Fruit: Globe
Resistance: F, LB, V
Comments: Better size and uniformity, less cracking and better color around stem, deep scarlet smooth globes.