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Growing Bags (5 Hole)

  • Growing Bags (5 Hole)
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Perfect pouch bags for growing flowers, vegetables and fruits.








Perfect pouch bags for growing flowers, vegetables and fruits.
A heavy 6mil, green plastic pouch with handle for hanging.

Add life to garden fences and walls, posts, gates, railings, decks and anywhere else you find could use a little splash of color. This is an outdoor planter. This pouch is designed to maximize space and grow beautiful hanging flowers or veggies. Hang these anywhere - against walls, on balconies, decks and deck posts, lamp posts, mailbox post or even two over a mailbox one each side, front porch lights, on each side of front doors or garage doors, around swimming pool, fence etc. The possibilities are endless and beautiful!
 This grow bag comes with 5 holes to offer plenty of space for your growing plants. Long lasting, and looks great when your plants come to life!

Dimensions: 19" long x 8.5" wide. Holds 6 liters of growing medium.