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Edamame is an edible soybean that comes from Japan and China. Harvested early and beans are delicious straight from the pod. A delicious treat that is growing in popularity as American start to enjoy oriental foods more. A fun and easy bean to grow in the garden.
Agate Edamame Seed


Agate was originally introduced to the U.S. from Japan in 1920's. Produces high yields of small olive green seeds with brown saddles.

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Envy Edamame Seed


An early harvesting edamame for shorter growing seasons.

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Midori Giant Edamame Seed


Midori Giant is an early maturing soybean with very large pods. Consistent heavy producer with over 90% two and three-seeded pods.

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Vinton 81 Soybean Seed



Has twice the protein of other beans. Can be used for edamame, fresh shelling or tofu.