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These tomato varieties are excellent for container gardening. Small and short bush like tomato plants that thrive in container conditions. These plants grow compact but produce heavy yields of tomatoes.
Micro Tom Tomato Seeds


Cherry, tiny fruit, tiny plant, very unusual, 4" tall plant, ideal house plant for windowsills and patios.

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Heinz Tomato Seeds


Smooth, slightly flattened, 6 ounce globes, great for ketchup, purees and sauces.

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Parks Whopper Tomato Seeds


The Park's Whopper Improved CR tomato has been the standard for taste, size and production for many years.

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Roma Tomato Plants


If you are a fan of fresh tomato sauce, you should be growing Roma tomatoes in your garden. 3 tomato plants.

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Roma Tomato Seeds


The most popular heirloom tomato for cooking, canning and making spectacular sauce. Roma has very thick flesh, low seed count and produces high yields.

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Seedless Tomato Plant


A seedless, orange-red, sweet, juicy, extra tasty, very early tomato! That's a mouth full! The world's first seedless tomato is here for home gardens. 3 tomato plants.

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Burpees Big Boy Tomato Seeds


Big red tomatoes (10 to 11 oz. each), with the same sweet, aromatic, melt-in-your-mouth juiciness as the original.

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