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Bulk Elephant Garlic Bulbs

  • Bulk Elephant Garlic Bulbs



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Approximately 9-14 garlic cloves per pound. Hardneck Garlic

The largest "garlic" you can get!
Elephant garlic looks like garlic and tastes like a mild hardneck type, but it is actually a type of leek. Large, 1 1/2" cloves have great taste, mild garlic-like flavor; bulbs can easily weigh a pound or more! Very easy peeling and keeps very well. Each bulb averages 10 cloves.

Product Details
Zones: 3-9
Planting Depth: Plant individual cloves with the scab end down and the pointed end up, one to two inches deep in well-worked beds.
Spacing: 4" apart in same row. Place 36" between separate rows.
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
When to Plant:Plant 4-6 weeks before frost. Early-mid fall. Will develop in spring. or plant in spring for mid-late summer harvest.
Days to Maturity:N/A
Garlic Type:Hardneck
Plant Height: 18-24" inches
Comments: Very large garlic variety! Easy to care for garlic.