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Asparagus is a home garden favorite. Asparagus can be grown from seed but it is easier and faster to transplant roots into the garden. Plant in early spring for a small harvest in late spring. Asparagus is a perennial and will come back for years to come with larger harvest each year. Underground roots continue to grow each year. Root systems can get large and take over, sometimes it is best to plant in a contained area. Mary Washington is a popular heirloom variety.

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Jersey Hybrid Asparagus Roots



Grows tall stalks that can yield up to 3-4 times more asparagus than other varieties. Vigorous grower and high disease resistance.

Jersey Hybrid Asparagus Seeds


The stalks are much larger -- up to 4 around. They yield 3-4 times more top quality asparagus than any other varieties.

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Mary Washington Asparagus Seeds


Mary Washington asparagus is a perennial vegetable that can be enjoyed for many years without replanting.

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Mary Washington Asparagus Roots



This asparagus plant is a perennial vegetable just once and enjoy the succulent spears for years.

Purple Passion Asparagus Roots



A very nutritious and tasty vegetable to have in your garden.

UC157 Asparagus Seeds


UC157 prefers milder winters it can be grown successfully anywhere in the USA using mulch during cold winters.

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