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All American Selection Tomato Collection

  • All American Selection Tomato Collection

A collection of AAS winner tomatoes.




A collection of AAS winner tomatoes.
These tomatoes have been selected from multiple judges to be the best all around tomatoes. They have been selected by taste, vigor, growth habits, disease resistance, shape, firmness, color, and so much more.

Golden Jubilee - Meaty, thick, golden-orange walls that have an excellent mild flavor. High in Vitamin C content and less acid that most varieties. The tomato fruits are produces in a heavy yield from upright and uniform Indeterminate vines. 

Juliet - Long, cherry type tomato, 1 oz. fruits the produce in grape-like clusters on long, vigorous vines. The 1" fruit has sweet flavor and attractive glossy skin.

Celebrity - Great disease resistant tomato. As close to perfect as you can get. Great uniformity, 8 oz. fruits with excellent flavor. No cracking and fruits come over a long gardening season. A proven home garden favorite.

Sugary - The name says it all. Judges raved about the sweet tomato flavor. Half ounce, dark pink fruits that come in clusters. Oval shape with a pointed bottom. High yields with little cracking. Semi-indeterminate.

Big Beefy - For over 19 years, this tomato has remained a garden favorite. Almost foolproof, 8-12 ounce fruits that can be harvested in 73 days from transplanting. One of the easiest tomatoes to grow from seed. Great disease resistance.

5 Packets, Appx. 15 seeds per pack