Aloha Blue

The Aloha Blue Ageratum is a beautiful, tropical looking clustering flower that was bred for compactness and pack performance.

American 14
Tobacco Seed

The American 14 Tobacco is Bright Leaf tobacco variety that is imported from Ukraine and will produce 30 leaves per plant.

Big Gem
Tobacco Seeds

The Big Gem Tobacco is an heirloom Bright Leaf variety that has a great production of over 25 large, bright green leaves per plant.

Cherry Red
Tobacco Seed

The Cherry Red Tobacco plant is a cigarette and cigar tobacco that is also a great ornamental herb that produces big, bright yellow-green leaves.

Lemongrass Seed

The deliciously fresh, citrus lemon flavor of the Lemongrass is a very popular herb variety for its many different culinary uses.

Oregano Seed

The Greek Oregano is a popular herb with an excellent flavor that is a must for many Italian dishes like fish, pizza, tomato sauce and dressings.

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Oregano Seeds

The Italian Oregano is a widely grown perennial that is most known for its small, flavorful leaves that add a delicious pungent taste to any dish!

New Look
Celosia Seeds

The New Look Celosia is an All-American Selection winner and customer favorite for its uniquely beautiful look it brings to the garden.

Paris Wrapper
Tobacco Seed

The Paris Wrapper Tobacco variety is a great choice for a cigar wrapper, binder or cigarette tobacco as well as an ornamental tobacco.

Mint Seeds

The Peppermint has excellent leaves with a refreshing aromatic smell used as flavoring in baking, such as peppermint candies and teas.

Mint Seed

Spearmint has many culinary and medicinal uses and is great for making teas, sauces, jellies, sweets, and garnishes as well as curing a stomach ache.