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The Rocket Candytuft is a beautiful and uniquely shaped evergreen plant that is covered with pure white flowers that bloom in early spring. This spreading variety grows to be 6″ tall. Rocket is a harder to grow perennial that should be started in August for spring blooms.


Learning Download: How to Grow Iberis

Iberis, also known as Candytuft, are wonderful plants to grow along a border or in a rock garden. These flowers are showy because the bright white stands out brightly against the plant’s dark green foliage. They are also deer and rabbit resistant.

Before Planting: If you prefer, start the seeds indoors eight weeks before the last frost. If starting indoors, plant the seeds in individual pots and maintain a temperature of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Planting: Sow seeds directly into the garden in the spring once all danger of frost has passed.

Watering: Water about 1 inch every week that it doesn’t rain.

Fertilizer: Fertilize Candytuft once in the early spring by working some fertilizer  in a ring around the plants. Use a low-nitrogen fertilizer, because too much nitrogen will cause lots of beautiful foliage but only a few blooms.

Days to Maturity: Iberis begins to bloom in the spring.

Harvesting: These flowers typically don’t make the greatest cut flowers as they are ground-hugging and used best as a border or groundcover.

Tips: While growing Candytuft plants, make sure you deadhead the spent blooms as soon as they fade to prolong the plant’s blooming season.

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