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The Flavora Rose shades Dianthus is a fragrant, compact flowing plant that produces beautiful multi-colored blooms that will flower its first year. This variety’s 2″ inch flowers vary in shades of cream and rose. The Flavora Rose Shades is the perfect flower for containers or landscaping and it has good heat tolerance.


Learning DownloadHow to Grow Dianthus

Dianthus is a compact flower that grows well in containers or in the garden. Many varieties of the flower are a perennial, meaning it will come back year after year.

Before Planting: Begin Dianthus seeds indoors up to eight weeks before the last frost. Cover seeds lightly with soil and space them 10 inches apart. They should germinate in 10 to 21 days.

Planting: Dianthus can be planted outdoors in the spring after frost or in the autumn before frost.

Watering: Water Dianthus normally, but don’t get water on the leaves.

Fertilizer: Dianthus is typically a carefree plant, but it will benefit from fertilizer. Add a complete fertilizer each spring before blooming begins.

Days to Maturity: Depending on the variety, Dianthus will blossom from May to August.

Harvesting: When cutting Dianthus, leave an inch or so of the stem above the ground. Harvest the flowers when blooms are still closed and don’t cut the stems in the middle of a hot day.

Tips: Deadhead the Dianthus to prevent self-sowing. Deadheading also encourages additional blooming.

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