Fresh herbs will enhance the flavor of any dish like no other ingredient can. Whether you grow indoors on a kitchen windowsill or outdoors, these organic herbs will add just the right amount of spice to your garden. Growing herbs is a year-round hobby that is easy and adds beauty to any home or meal. Urban Farmer offers many kinds of herbs with a wide range of scents, tastes and appearances that are also organic . Enjoy the selection of organic herb seed options that will brighten any garden and amplify any cuisine.

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How to Grow Organic Herbs

Aroma 2
Organic Basil Seeds

The Aroma 2 Basil produces beautiful glossy, dark green leaves with a strong flavor that is definitely many chefs favorite!

Organic Dill Seed

The Bouquet Dill is an early maturing dill variety with dark feathered green leaves that produces an intoxicating, tangy aroma.

Organic Cilantro Seeds

Cilantro is the perfect herb for a patio container or herb kit in a window sill, sow every ten days for a continuous harvest.

Large Leaf
Organic Basil Seeds

The Large Leaf's shiny dark green leaves can grow up to 4 inches long and is perfect for a home garden or in a windowsill container!

Organic Chive Seeds

The Standard Chive is a hardy perennial herb that is equally attractive as it is delicious.

Sweet Genovese
Organic Basil Seeds

The Sweet Genovese Basil is a popular Italian variety that is prized for its large leaves, wonderful aroma and spicy flavor.

Sweet High Oil
Organic Basil Seeds

The Sweet High Oil Basil has beautiful leaves that have a wonderful sweet flavor, making it perfect for pestos, sauces and salads!

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Organic Parsley Seed

The Evergreen Parsley is a dark green curly variety with an excellent flavor, fresh or dried, and is an All-American Selection winner for a reason!