There’s nothing more delicious than a large bowl of mouth-watering fruit! We make it easy to start your own fruit garden. Our fruit plants and seeds are selected especially for home garden performance and yield. Shop from a large selection of fruit seeds, roots, and plants.

1 red, 1 white, 1 purple grape plant! Enjoy the best of all grapes. Don't know what flavor and color to pick. Pick all 3 with the grape plant mix. Varieties include Concord (purple), Niagara (white), Catawaba (red). All SEEDLESS grape varietals.

A white grape that is great general purpose grape! Niagara is an excellent white grape variety that produces generous clusters of flavorful fruits. Plus they have a very pleasant aroma. Late August, early September harvest. SEEDLESS grape varietal.

A larger black raspberry plant! Jewel is a popular black raspberry plant that produces large berries than most. Very winter hardy, midseason and great disease resistance.

1 Red, 1 Gold, 1 Black Raspberry Plant! A popular mix of our 3 favorite raspberry plants. Can't decide which variety to get? Try all 3! Fall Gold (gold), Latham (red), and Jewel (black) raspberry varieties.

A purple grape that is great for eating fresh or making wine! The grape is a deciduous vine that is used for fruit, wine and shade. A single grapevine produces enough new growth every year to roof an arbor, arch a walkway, or shade over a terrace or deck. The Concord grape variety can be grown in any region of the continental United States. This Concord variety is SEEDLESS.

Get the best of both worlds! This mix includes both Everbearing and Junebearing strawberry plants. This combo will give you an abundant harvest in spring (Junebearer) followed by a continous harvest until fall (Everbearer). Seascape (Everbearing): An everbearing strawberry that produces very large and sweet fruits. Strawberries are bright red with a medium to long conical shape. Seascape is a very productive and disease-resistant variety ideal for gardens, containers and farmers. This day-neutral variety performs well throughout the United States and Canada. Honeoye (Junebearing): A popular choice for home gardens and picking patches! A versatile strawberry that does well in the United States especially in the north. Produces heavy yields of extra large, sweet fruit great for fresh eating or desserts. As a Junebearer, the harvest season is concentrated over a few weeks, making it a good choice if you want to freeze or cook with a lot of berries at one time. Strawberry Details: - Grows 8" tall and 12-18" across. - Heat tolerant - Disease resistant - Zones: 4-9 In general the strawberry roots can be planted in the ground, containers, or hanging pots. Strawberries are extremely adaptable and are grown in every state in the U.S. They will benefit from mulch such as straw, pine needles, or plastic. They prefer a soil rich in all the basic nutrients with a pH of 6-6.5.

Everbearing strawberry plant. An early, large fruited strawberry plant that yields over a long harvest season. Great tasting alpine strawberries with deep red fruit in the first season. Vigorous, compact growth is excellent for hanging baskets or patio containers. Well suited to short season climates. Sow indoors 3 months before transplanting outdoors.

A delicious red grape with juicy fruits! Catawba is an exceptionally vigorous plant, fruit holds very well after picking, very sweet taste, harvest in early October. Grapevines also require full sun, medium water, and good drainage. Well cared for, they can remain productive for 50 years or longer. The vines should only be pruned in the winter. Good for arbors. SEEDLESS grape varietal.

The Collection Mix is a great sampler mix of the 3 best blueberry plants we offer, the Blueray, Bluecrop and Jersey blueberry! Can't decide which blueberry plants to buy? Try these 3 best sellers and get the best a great blueberry harvest!

A hardy kiwi plant that produces a large harvest of delicious kiwis! Issai is a self fertile, vining kiwi plant that is very prolific. This plant will grow in zones 3-8 and is very hardy. This mini-Kiwi has a compact growth habit, needs no pollinator, and produces delicious mini kiwis.

A highly productive plant with large, deep red berries! Red Lake is an early bearing currant plant that ripens in July. It has strong and vigorous growth.

Sequoia is one of our favorite strawberries for home gardens and market growers. This has to be the tops for best tasting strawberry! Fruits like an ever-bearing strawberry under certain conditions.  Works best in California and in southern states. Produces lots of huge, sweet fruit. Strawberry Details: - June-bearing, produces a continual harvest from spring to fall. - Grows 8" tall and 12-18" across. - Heat tolerant - Disease resistant - Zones: 3-7