The Baker's Choice Marbled F1 Squash is a butternut winter squash variety that has a long round to oval and bulbous shape.

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Cannolini Bush
Organic Bean Seeds

The hearty Cannolini Bush bean is an Italian heirloom that is rich and meaty bean, making it equally delicious as it is satisfying.

Great Northern
Bean Seeds

The great northern bean is a large white heirloom bean variety that is perfect for drying and using in different baked dishes.

Honey Dew Stutz Supreme
Organic Melon Seeds

The large Honey Dew Stutz Supreme Melon has smooth tan skin with a delicious orange flesh and a fresh taste that can't be beat!

Long Island Cheese
Squash Seeds

The Long Island Cheese Squash got its name by resembling a large wheel of cheese and has been a favorite since the 1800s!

Sweet Potato Slips

The O'Henry is a unique looking white-skinned and cream-fleshed sweet potato variety with a deliciously delicate sweet flavor.

Schoon's Hardshell
Organic Melon Seeds

Schoon's Hardshell Melon is a large heirloom favorite that is very sweet and will maintain the taste and texture for long after being harvested!