Charleston Grey
Watermelon Seeds

The Charleston Grey Watermelon is a unique, large, oblong, very sweet picnic watermelon that has a very good storage ability!

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Cherokee Purple
Tomato Seeds

The Cherokee Purple Tomato is an indeterminate tomato that will keep producing all summer long and into the first frost in fall time.

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Brussels Sprout Seeds

The Churchill Brussels sprout is an early maturing Brussels sprout that produces flavorful, medium green, smooth, large heads.

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The Dimpled Brown Crowder is an excellent cowpea for canning, freezing or drying, it can also be used for Nitrogen Fixation.

Iron and Clay
Cowpea Seeds

Iron and Clay cowpeas makes a great cover crop for smothering weeds and adding Nitrogen to soil during spring as the frost will kill the cowpeas.

Orange Banana
Tomato Seeds

The Orange Banana Tomato is one of our favorite paste tomato varieties for home and market growers to dry, can and make pastes.

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Peaches and Cream corn is one of the sweetest and most tender corns ever developed that matures early for a quality bicolor and sweet flavor.

Top Gun
Watermelon Seeds

The Top Gun Watermelon has an excellent seedling vigor that is able to get the crop off to the right start, making it a top watermelon!