Corn Seed

The Bodacious is a high quality yellow sweet corn that has large, mouth-watering kernels that are great for fresh eating, freezing and canning!

Cal Sweet Bush
Watermelon Seeds

The Cal Sweet Bush Watermelon is a major patio treat, as this bright red-fleshed bush variety is a personal sized watermelon!

Cannolini Pole
Organic Bean Seeds

The smooth meaty texture of the Cannolini Pole bean is a favorite for shelling and cooking, especially ideal for Minestrone and other soups and stew.

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Brussels Sprout Seeds

The Churchill Brussels sprout is an early maturing Brussels sprout that produces flavorful, medium green, smooth, large heads.

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French Garden
Organic Bean Seeds

The French Garden bean is a delicious french heirloom bean that has a sweet nutty flavor that can be enjoyed year after year!

Organic Watermelon Seeds

The Jubilee Watermelon is a sun-loving, dark green striped watermelon with a very sweet red flesh that is perfect for a picnic or hot summer day!

Orange King
Pepper Seeds

The Orange King Pepper is the sweetest bell pepper we have tasted to date and is great for fresh eating, dips, salads, stuffing, stir fries and sandwiches.