Beet Seeds

The Chioggia beet is an old time Italian heirloom that has a tender sweet taste and displays an unique bull's eye pattern when cut open.

Beet Seeds

The Cylindra beet or "Butter Slicer" is a popular beet known for its long, cylindrical shape and very tender sweet texture!

Detroit Dark Red
Beet Seeds
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The Detroit Dark Red is the standard all-purpose heirloom beet and is by far the most popular beet for home gardens for its sweet taste.

Kentucky Wonder
Bean Seeds

The Kentucky Wonder is a delicious heirloom pole bean plant with high yields and a dark green color that tastes great fresh, frozen or canned!

Orient Express
Eggplant Seeds

The Orient Express eggplant is a very beautiful, slender and glossy early maturing eggplant that can handle extreme temperatures!

Tomato Seeds

The Siberian Tomato variety matures fast and will produce heavy and early where shorter growing seasons prevail, like the norther states and Canada.

White Stem
Cabbage Seeds

White Stem cabbage or Bok Choy is a great tasting Chinese cabbage grown as a spring and/or fall crop that is enjoyed cooked or raw.

Yellow Crookneck
Squash Seeds

The Yellow Crookneck Squash is the perfect summer squash that is very tender with a creamy consistency that has a mild, sweet and full flavored taste.