Lettuce Seeds

Bibb is a crisp, clean, and easy to grow butterhead lettuce that has light green leaves with the occasional red spots and often self blanches in the center.

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Beet Seeds

The Chioggia beet is an old time Italian heirloom that has a tender sweet taste and displays an unique bull's eye pattern when cut open.

Beet Seeds

The Cylindra beet or "Butter Slicer" is a popular beet known for its long, cylindrical shape and very tender sweet texture!

Detroit Dark Red
Beet Seeds
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The Detroit Dark Red is the standard all-purpose heirloom beet and is by far the most popular beet for home gardens for its sweet taste.


The Kentucky Wonder 125 Bean matures early than most bush beans and produces beans in clusters over a long season, it truly is above all others!

White Stem
Cabbage Seeds

White Stem cabbage or Bok Choy is a great tasting Chinese cabbage grown as a spring and/or fall crop that is enjoyed cooked or raw.