Cherokee Wax
Bean Seeds

The Cherokee bean is a great black bean for your home garden as it is fast maturing and easy to pick, the plant will have mature beans in just 50 days!

Garden Spineless
Zucchini Seeds

This Garden Spineless Zucchini plant produces long cylindrical dark green flecked fruits on a scratchless open plant for easy pickings.

Bean Seeds

The Harvester bean plant produces very tender pods that are high off the ground for easy picking and can grow as long as 6"!

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Red Express
Organic Cabbage Seeds

Early and adaptable red cabbage.

Ruby Red
Lettuce Seeds

The Ruby Red Lettuce is an early variety that produces good yields of bright green to ruby red colored leaves that do not fade in the hot weather!

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The Tendergreen Improved bean is one of the highest yielding beans around and the plant is a widely adapted home garden variety.

White Stem
Cabbage Seeds

White Stem cabbage or Bok Choy is a great tasting Chinese cabbage grown as a spring and/or fall crop that is enjoyed cooked or raw.