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Man takes backyard gardening to a new level
Tom Anderson of Palatine has taken backyard gardening to a whole new level. With his nearly 300 feet of land filled with vegetable plots and fruit trees, the term, gentleman farmer comes to mind. And :: continue »

Urban vegetable gardens look to be Sweet n' Neat'
The vegetable garden looks to be "Sweet 'n' Neat" next year, thanks to some new varieties of tomatoes by that very name. More and more urban dwellers are joining in the latest trend of growing their own :: continue »

Gardening With Containers
One of the main goals of Edible Garden Landscaping is to provide people with the information and knowledge they need to grow more of their own food for both health and budget reasons. Interest in gardening :: continue »

Urban Farming, A Bit Closer to the Sun
THIS summer, Tony Tomelden hopes to be making bloody marys at the Pug in Washington, D.C., with tomatoes and chilies grown above the bar, thanks to the cityís incentives for green roofs. Mr. Tomelden, :: continue »

It is not too late to celebrate the joy of interacting with nature in a family garden.
Itís not too late for a family garden! You and your children just need to be a bit selective about what you plant. Check the growing time table from seed to fruit/vegetable. (Choose hardy, fast-growing :: continue »

Push is on to green up the gardening industry
"This is one of the most irresponsible industries I've ever seen," said Andersonville gardener Cai Gushak. "I'm almost ready to stop going to the garden center." What has him fuming? Pots. Plastic pots, :: continue »