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Welcome to the Urban Farmer spring fundraiser. Our garden fundraiser is a fun and easy way to raise money for your organization while also providing a wonderful service to your community! A great idea for spring school fundraisers! Offer your community a great selection of vegetables, herbs and flowers! Always earn 50% profit for every item sold with our fundraiser. Free shipping on first orders and all seeds are Non-GMO, heirloom varieties that are easy to grow. If you have any questions about our fundraiser please call 317-600-2807. To get started please click the "Sign Me Up" link below!

To get started please simply click the link below:
Sign Me Up For the Garden Fundraiser!

Once we receive your information we will have a customer service representative contact you with more information.

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Once we have your information we will ship out your brochures and you can get started. To get started sooner you can simply print your own brochures by clicking the pdf version of the brochure below! If you are printing your own brochures please complete the "Sign Me Up" form above and simply request 0 brochures.

Seed Fundraiser runs November thru April. No minimum order. Free shipping on initial order. 50% profit!

When finished with your fundraiser please fill out the "Master Order Form" below and mail it to us:
Master Order Form

If you have any questions about the fundraiser please give us a call at 317-600-2807 or email

Seed Fundraiser Profit Chart:
Items Sold   Profit
10   $50
50   $250
100   $500
500   $2,500
1,000   $5,000