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Beefsteak tomato are large tomatoes usually weighing a pound or more. Beefsteaks come in many different colors and bumpy shapes. Beefsteaks are a popular tomato in home gardens and are usually sliced and eaten on sandwiches.

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Brandywine Tomato Plants


A large heirloom variety with sweet, dusty red-pink coloring is great for canning. One of the best flavored tomatoes you'll ever grow. 3 tomato plants.

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Big Beef Tomato Plants


Delicious 12 ounce, red fruits, high quality, crack and highly disease resistant beefsteak, juicy and high yielding. 3 tomato plants.

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Pink Brandywine Tomato Seeds


Brandywine is a large, beefsteak-shaped tomato fruit that grows upright on large leaved plants. A customer favorite for it's sweet taste, few seeds and meaty flesh!

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