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Vegetable Seed Identification

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Identifying seeds can be a bit of a problem when you get them mixed up. Urban Farmer has put together an image library of some popular vegetable seeds for you to better identify your vegetable seeds.

 Basil SeedsBasil Seeds
A small light brown seeds with a great smelling aroma. Slightly curved with vanilla stripes running down the seeds.
Bean SeedsBean Seeds
One of the larger vegetable seeds, the bean seed is long and round with a vanilla white skin.
 Broccoli SeedsBroccoli Seeds
Perfectly round, hard little balls that are a dark brown to reddish in color.
Cabbage SeedsCabbage Seeds
Mostly round little balls. Should have a small indent down the entire seed. Range in color from brown to deep red.
 Cantaloupe SeedsCantaloupe Seeds
A long, skinny seed with a smooth light brown skin.

Carrot SeedsCarrot Seeds
A very fragrant seed that is very small and thin. They have a rough skin that is light brown.
 Corn SeedsCorn Seeds
A large seed that is unmistakable. A smooth skin with indents. A dark gold color on the outside going to a light gold middle.
Cucumber SeedsCucumber Seeds
A long skinny seed with a smooth outer surface. The seed is a pale tan color.
 Lettuce SeedsLettuce Seeds
Another small seed with a slight pungent odor. Long and very skinny shape with a uniform blackish skin.
Onion SeedsOnion Seeds
Small and very black seeds. They have a round, flat shape, almost like a pancake.
 Pea SeedsPea Seeds
Another easily recognized seed. The pea seed is round with what look like dehydrated indents. Range in color from green to red.
Pepper SeedsPepper Seeds
A rounded, wavy seed that is paper thin. It has no odor and is a light vanilla color.
 Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin Seeds
A large seed with a flat body. Larger than a squash seed but otherwise very similar. A uniform light tan color.
Spinach SeedsSpinach Seeds
A very lopsided seed. Have a roundish body with small to medium size. A light brown color with hints of green. Odorless.
 Squash SeedsSquash Seeds
A large seed with a flat body. Smaller than a squash seed but otherwise very similar. A uniform light tan color with yellowish tent.
Tomato SeedsTomato Seeds
A pungent odor seed that is round with a wavy flat body. The tomato seed has a brown to light brown color.
 Watermelon SeedsWatermelon Seeds
Easily recognizable! A long skinny seed with a shinny black coat. Odorless.