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Tomato Seeds and Plants

San Marzano Tomato Seeds
San Marzano
(Organic) Known as the greatest sauce tomato of all-time.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
Cherokee Purple
Cherokee Purple is a great producer of juicy beefsteak sized tomatoes!

SunSugar Tomatoes
A high yielding cherry tomato plant with excellent sugar taste!

Select Your Tomato Type
Midseason, Midsize
These midseason tomatoes are the perfect size with great flavor. 

Heirloom tomato seeds are a proven winners past down for generations.

Bite-sized, delicious little cherry tomatoes bursting with flavor.
Use these tomatoes to make great tasting paste for your meals.
Early Ripening
These fast maturing tomatoes will give you an early harvest.
The most popular and largest tomato variety for the home garden.
Unusual Color
An unusual tomato collection of terrific colors.
Tomato transplants ready to plant in the home garden.

Urban Farmer tomato seeds and plants are guaranteed to grow and taste great! Select from the solid and meaty beefsteak tomato, the tiny and tasty cherry tomato, the traditional heirloom tomato, and the mid-season, mid-size tomato. Tomatoes are among the most popular vegetable in the home garden for its tasty fruits and high yields.

Veggie Cage
Veggie Cage
A great tomato support that is a tomato cage and tomato stake all in one. The Veggie Cage provides a no-hassle support for your vining vegetables and other support-loving plants.

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Moneymaker Tomatoes

(Organic) Great for warmer climates. Produces large yields.
Brandywine Tomato

Best Seller
(Heirloom) Our favorite for taste. A+ tomato seeds.

Mater Sandwich Tomato

Mater Sandwich
(Organic) Large, flattened tomatoes perfect for sandwiches!
Seedless Tomato

Sweet Seedless
The first seedless tomato for home gardens. Sweet and tender!
Bradley Tomatoes

Great for warmer climates, this tomato is a Southern favorite.
Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Blend
(Organic) A blend of 6 different heirloom tomato seeds. All colors and flavors.

San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano
(Organic) Known by many as the greatest sauce tomato of all time!
SunSugar Tomato Seeds

A vigorous cherry tomato with high Vitamin A fruits.
Golden Jubilee Tomatoes

Golden Jubilee
Meaty, thick, golden-orange walls that have a mild flavor.

Park's Whopper Improved

Park's Whopper
Best Seller
The standard for taste, size, and production.

Park's Beefy Boy Hybrid

Park's Beefy Boy
A sweet and hardy beefsteak. Enhanced flavor and extra large tomatoes.
Beefsteak Tomato

Best Seller
Extra large, meaty tomato with great flavor. Easy to grow.
Better Boy

Better Boy Hybrid
An ASS winner! These tomatoes are big, meaty, and tasty.

Marglobe Tomato

Marglobe Supreme
Great tomato for home, markets, canning and shipping.

Big Rainbow Tomato

Big Rainbow
(Heirloom) A pleasure to watch this beautiful tomato grow. Very large!
Brick House Tomatoes

Brick House
(Organic) Large, uniform fruits with great leaf coverage.
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

Cherokee Purple
(Organic) A favorite heirloom variety for its unique color, sweet taste, and high yield.

Juliet Tomatoes

Juliet Hybrid
(Cherry) Produces grape like clusters of elongated, sweet flavored tomatoes.
Roma Tomatoes

Best Seller
(Heirloom) A popular tomato preferred for Italian paste and canning.
Pineapple Tomato

(Heirloom) Large, beefsteak tomato that can reach 2 pounds. Great tangy taste!
Kellogg's Beefsteak Tomato

Kellogg's Beefsteak
(Organic, Heirloom) Produces bright orange tomatoes with few seeds.

Sub Arctic Plenty Tomatoes

Sub Arctic Plenty
(Heirloom) A fast growing tomato that is great for hanging baskets.

Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Yellow Pear
(Heirloom) A great tasting tomato that grows fast with high yields..
Celebrity Tomato

Excellent yield, taste, and disease resistance!
Tomato Gardeners Delight

Gardeners Delight
High sugar cherry tomatoes with excellent flavor.
Burpee's Big Boy Tomatoes

Burpee's Big Boy
Melt in your mouth, compact and fact growing tomato plants.

Lemon Boy Tomato Seeds

Lemon Boy
A unique lemon color inside and out!
Rutger Tomato

(Heirloom) A widely adaptable tomato that was introduced by Campell's Soup.

Pink Tomato

Park's Razzelberry
A pink tomato with velvet fruit and high yields.
Cherry Tomatoes

(Cherry,Organic) A high yielding cherry tomato plant with a juicy inside.
Costoluto Genovese Tomatoes

Costoluto Genovese
(Heirloom) An old time Italian favorite for sauce and paste.
Pink Girl Tomato

Pink Girl
Low acidic, high yielding mid-size fruits. Yum!

Porter Tomato

A small, 2oz fruit that is great for canning or juicing.
Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Mortgage Lifter
A large, up to 3 pound tomatoes with juicy, few seed flesh.

Micro Tom Tomatoes

Micro Tom
A very small tomato plant great for windowsills and patios.
Black Truffel Tomato

Black Truffel
A dark burgundy color, with rich, flavorful inside.
Isis Candy Cherry Tomato

Isis Candy Cherry
A mouth-watering cherry tomato with eye catching color!
Italian Ice Tomato

Italian Ice
White, flavor bursting cherry tomatoes.
Green Zebra Tomatoes

Green Zebra
Beautiful addition to any garden. Great for salads and sauces.
Early Doll Tomato

Early Doll
A very fast maturing tomato that is great for northern climates.

Early Girl Tomato Seeds

Early Girl
A fast maturing, large fruit bush tomato.
Black Krim Tomato

Black Krim
A delicious, slightly salty tasting tomato great for sandwiches.
Black Cherry Tomato

Black Cherry
Almost black, unique, flavor-bursting cherry tomatoes.
Amish Paste Tomato Seeds

Amish Paste
Great tasting tomato excellent for making tomato paste.

Ace 55 Tomato

Ace 55
A great farmers market tomato with low acid flavor.
Red Cherry Large Tomato Seeds

Red Cherry Large
A mouth watering, large cherry tomato great for salads.
Oxheart tomato seeds

A heart shaped tomato know for its sweet and juicy flavor!
Jet Star Tomato Seeds

Jet Star Hybrid
An industry standard tomato that has been a long time favorite!

Aunt Ruby German Green Tomato Seeds

Aunt Ruby German Green
An old time heirloom that is very juicy with a spicy flavor.
Ground Cherry Tomato

Ground Cherry
An heirloom husk tomato thats very sweet and great for jams.

German Giant Tomato Seeds

German Giant
A large, deep pink tomato with rich flavor.
Abe Lincoln Tomato Seeds

Abe Lincoln
An old heirloom with bright color and yummy taste.
White Beefsteak tomato seeds

White Beefsteak
An award winning, white tomato with great flavor.
Delicious Tomato Seeds

A world record sized tomato with delicious flavor.
German Striped Tomato Seeds

German Striped
An heirloom that has beautiful stripes and delicious taste.
Siberian Tomato Seeds

A fast maturing tomato great for cooler climates and short growing seasons.
Vintage Wine Tomato Seeds
A beautifully colored pink and golden stripes. Sweet and mild flavor.
Chocolate Stripes TOmato Seeds
A mahogany color tomato with chocolate brown stripes. Great flavor.
Heinz Tomato Seeds
A perfect ketchup tomato that can also be used as purees and sauces.
Homestead Tomatoes
A heat tolerant, meaty, luscious, mid-size, semi-determinate tomato.
Marion Tomato
Rutgers type, earlier and more disease resistant, crack resistant.
Napoli Tomato Seeds
Italian type, heavy yielding, great for slicing, paste, and frozen.
Ponderosa Pink Tomato
A very large beefsteak, 16 ounces, almost seedless.
Rio Grande Tomato
Great for hot climates, paste type, huge harvest, great for sauce.
Trip L Crop Tomato
A 15 foot vine, huge yields, large 1-2 lbs., great for canning.
Tropic Tomato
Large, red, firm, great for greenhouses and hot humid climates.
Heirloom Tomato Collection

Heirloom Collection
6 Packs of the most popular and best tasting heirloom tomatoes.

All American Selection Tomato Collection
5 Packs of All American Selection tomato winners. Can't go wrong!

Best Tomato Variety Collection

Best Tasting Collection
A collection of 6 tomatoes that we have voted as best tasting!

Paul Robeson Tomato

Great tomato for cooler climates. Deep maroon, great flavor.
Black Prince Tomato

Russian heirloom that has 3 ounce, juicy, distinctive taste.
Early Cascade Tomato Seeds

An excellent salad tomato. Early maturing, great tasting clusters of tomatoes.

Red Currant Tomato Seeds

Tiny currant tomatoes that are mouth watering.
Sugary Tomato Seeds

AAS. Oval and pointed with juicy, .5 ounce fruits. 
Big Beef Tomato

Big Beef
AAS. Our favorite beefsteak. High yields and crack resistant.
Speckled Roman Tomato
 Speckled Roman
A meaty red flesh, great fresh or cooks to a great sauce.
Pink Bumble Bee Tomato
 Pink Bumble Bee Artisian
Sweet and tasty. A mix of light pink, yellow and oranges.
Purple Bumble Bee Tomatoes
 Purple Bumble Bee Artisian
Sweet and tasty. Purple color with metallic green striping.
Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato
 Sunrise Bumble Bee Artisian
Sweet and tasty. Yellow, round cherry with red stripes and pink marbling.
Blush Tomato Seeds
 Blush Artisian
Sweet and tasty. Yellow fruit with red marbling at one end.
Lucky Tiger Tomato Seeds
Lucky Tiger Artisian
Sweet and tasty. Elongated green striped tomato with red blush bottoms.