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Garden Supplies
Cages, fertilizer, netting, helpers, pest control and more. 

Wildlife Supplies
Birdhouses, feeders, butterfly houses, bat houses, bee houses and more.

Yard Supplies
Fertilizer, weed protection, maintenance, and more.

Kitchen Supplies
Food, utensils, and gadgets for your home kitchen.

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Welcome to our supplies department. You'll find a large selection of garden, yard, and house supplies. Please select a category to get started.

Here are some of our favorite products:
Sea Magic
Sea Magic - Seaweed fertilizer helps increase yield and plant growth.

72 Cell Seed Starter
Indoor Seed Starter
Get your seeds off to the best start with an indoor seed starter.

Veggie Cage
Veggie Cage - Control your vegetable growth with this spiral cage.
Bee House
Bee House - A quality built bee house to help attract pollinators to the garden.
Seed Vault
Seed Vault - A survivor seed vault with over 7,000 seeds and 42 varieties.

Tomato Ring
Tomato Ring - Offers strong support for tomatoes and other vegetables.
Tomato Teepee - Start your tomatoes early with a tomato teepee.
Trellis Netting
Trellis Netting
A 5'x15' trellis netting great for vining crops.

Sea Dirt Seaweed Fertilizer
SeaDirt - Seaweed fertilizer for increasing yields and health of vegetables.
Oriole Feeder
Oriole Feeder - Works great an attracts all sorts of orioles.
Butterfly Feeder
Butterfly Feeder - An easy way to attract butterflies to your yard. Great nectar feeder.

Hummingbird Feeder
Hummingbird Feeder - Attracts several varieties of hummingbirds in North America.
Fiber Pot
Fiber Pot
A biodegradable fiber pot. A 3" square pot, choose your colors.
36 Slot Greenhouse
Perfect for starting those early seeds for transplants in the spring.

Organic Soil
Start your seeds in this organic seed starting soil.
Patio Garden Grow Bag

Patio Garden GrowBag
A great way to grow vegetables in small locations.

Grow Tunnel

Poly Grow Tunnel
Great for starting plants early and ending late.

Watering Cans

Watering Can
1 gallon watering can perfect for small gardens.

Tomato Tray

Tomato Tray
Increase yields by 40% and protects plant from bugs.
Deer Scam
Deer Scram
Organic deer and rabbit repellent for vegetable and flower gardens.
Garden Towers

A vertical garden tower with 50 slots. Add worms and compost.