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Sprout Seeds

Seed Sprouter
A multi-tiered seed sprouter that has sprouts within a few days!

Alfalfa Seeds
A very popular choice for sprout people because of its high nutrition!

Organic Grain Seeds
A great mixture of some of the most popular organic grain sprouts!

Sprout Seeds

We offer a great assortment of sprouting seeds that are grown by organic certified farmers. Look through some of the favorites or our unique mixes.

Growing Sprouts

Dry seeds are dormant. Soaking a seed ends it's dormancy and begins a new life.

Given proper moisture a seed will germinate. Rinsing is the process by which we add moisture to our sprouts. Draining is the process by which we regulate the amount of moisture our sprouts have available - until their next Rinse. Use cool water (60-70F), Use a lot of water, Use high pressure water whenever possible., Rinse 2-3 times daily.

Drain as much of the Rinse water out of your sprouts as is humanly possible.

Air Circulation
In between Rinse and Drain cycles your sprouts do their growing. During that time it is essential that they can breathe. The best sprouting devices help them breathe, but you need to pay some attention too. There isn't much to it - sprouts can grow just about anywhere - as long as they can breathe, but don't have so much air movement that they dry out between Rinses.

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Seed Sprouter

Seed Sprouter
Multi-tiered seed sprouter ready to eat in a few days.
Clover Seed

Organically Grown - A nutty flavor sprout that holds longer than Alfalfa.

Grain Sprout Seed Mix

Grain Mix
Organically Grown - A very fun and nutritional mix of grain seed.
Bean Sprout Seed Mix

Bean Mix
Organically Grown - A beautiful mix of pastel beans.
Wheat Sprout Seed

Organically Grown - Wheat grass makes a rejuvenating drink!
Alfalfa Sprout Seed

Organically Grown - A classic leafy sprout perfect for meals.
Broccoli sprouts

Organically Grown - Very high in antioxidants.
Daikon Radish Sprout Seeds

Daikon Radish
Organically Grown - If you like radish you'll love this sprout seed.

Hemp Sprout Bag

Hemp Sprout Bag
Durable woven hemp great for growing your sprouts.
Wheat Grass Seed

Wheat Grass
Great for juicing. Can be grown in soil and non-soil.

Spelt Sprout Seed

A great sprout for making bread and other baking items.
Soft White Wheat Sprout Seed

Soft White Wheat
A great white wheat for adding to crackers and bread.

Kale Sprout Seeds

Kale Mix
A great mixture of 3 kinds of kale. Great for sandwiches and salads.
Chive Sprout Seed

Yum, great for topping off your meals.
Seed SProut
A great 4 tier sprouting system.
Red Garnet
A great sprouting seed that has multiple uses.
Garbanzo Bean Seeds
Great for making hummus or growing sprout seeds.