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Softneck garlic varieties generally produce higher yields of smaller cloves than hardneck varieties. Softnecks tend to be the better option for Southern growers. They mature quicker than hardneck varieties. Softneck varieties tend to store better than hardneck varieties as well. This garlic comes in a variety of taste; spicy, sweet, pungent; and colors; purple, red, brown, white. You won't find this type of garlic at your local grocery store!
Garlic Bulb Collection


A mix of our three favorite garlic for home gardens.

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California Early Garlic Bulbs (Certified)


It is a medium, easy to grow softneck, with a nice mild flavor and excellent storage ability.

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Idaho Silver Garlic Bulbs


Great size cloves with a reddish-pink color. Idaho Silver garlic does great in cold winter locations.

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Transylvanian Garlic Bulbs


This is a favorite with a hot sharp bite. Transylvanian does well in cold climates and belongs to the Artichoke group of softnecks.

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