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Annual Flower Seeds

One of the most popular home garden flowers. Great for cutting!
These beautiful flowers can be used for borders and great tasting seeds!

An American classic with great scent and vibrant colors. 


A beautiful annual flower that is known for its beautiful colors and smell. These are fun to watch grow and children love that they can snap open the flowers like puppets. Snapdragons endure cool weather and are widely planted for winter flower colors in mild-winter areas.
Snapdragons bear uniform flowers atop a slender stalk. They are best known for snappable flowers and vibrant colors. Colors include white, yellow, burgundy, red, pink, orange and bronze.

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Snapdragon Floral Showers

Floral Showers
A mix of vibrant snapdragon flowers that spread great.
Liberty Mix Snapdragon Flowers

Liberty Mix
A classic mixture of tall growing snapdragons.
Snapdragon Solstice Mix Plant

Solstice Mix
Snapdragon Plant
Cool season plant that is great for landscapes and cut flowers.