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Semi-Determinate Tomatoes

Marglobe Supreme Tomato Seeds


Great tomato for home, markets, and canning. Produces high yields of 4-6 ounce, smooth and round shaped tomatoes.

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Homestead Tomato Seeds


Luscious, meaty, 8 ounce mid-size, smooth and semi-determinate.

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Marglobe Supreme Tomato Plant


Great tomato for home, markets, canning and shipping. This tomato plant is stocky, vigorous, and has excellent disease tolerance. 3 tomato plants.

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Sugary Tomato Seeds


Juicy half ounce fruits, pointed oval shape, reddish pink, very sweet. Ultra high sugar content (9.5 BRIX) make 1/2 ounce fruits irresistible.

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Bradley Tomato Seeds




Bradley tomato plants are a reliable, productive plant that has fairly good cover, producing attractive, smooth pink fruit with a tasty mild flavor.

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