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Seed Starting

Giving your seeds the very best chance to germinate and develop healthy foliage is an important first step. Most seeds should be started indoors before the last frost date in spring. Using these supplies will give you a good start to the garden season.
Custom Seed Starting Kit


Customize your own seed starting kit to your needs!

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Greenhouse - 36 Slot Seed Starter


A great seed starting kit with 36 individual spots.

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Greenhouse - 72 Slot Seed Starter


A great seed starting kit with 72 individual spots.

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Jiffy Pellets (12 Pack)


The Jiffy-7 pellet is used by growers around the globe for an array of different applications.

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JIffy Windowsill Greenhouse


An easy to use greenhouse starting kit that fits right on a windowsill.

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Seedling Heat Mat


Heat mats help increase seed germination rates and improve root zone growth. Heat mats are insulated to promote uniform heating and water resistance.

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Seedling Mix Black Gold


Highly refined, organic seedling mix is everything it should be: low-salt, fine yet porous and water retentive.

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T Plastic Plant Labels


Helps easily identify your plants. Made from durable plastic. Includes 10 T plastic labels.

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