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Certified Seed Potatoes

Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes
Yukon Gold
Our best seller and excellent keeper with spectacular taste

Red Pontiac Seed Potatoes
Red Pontiac
Consistent and easy to grow potato for home gardens

All Blue Seed Potatoes
All Blue
A blueish-purple seed potato great for adding color and taste to your meals

Urban Farmer seed potatoes are a seasonal vegetable thus we can only offer seed potatoes in spring and summer. When ordering seed potatoes you may receive potatoes separately from other seeds. If you have any questions about our potatoes please contact us.

In just 400 years, the potato has replaced grain as a basic source of nutrition in many nations around the world, because the potato is the best all-round bundle of nutrition known to mankind. Its ratio of carbohydrate to protein is ideal. 73% of potato's protein is easily utilized by humans. The potato also provides significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C, iron, thiamin, phosphorus, and niacin.
Another virtue of the potato is exceptional productivity. No other crop produces more energy per acre than potatoes. The potato grows well at elevations from sea level to 14,000 feet. It thrives in a wider variety of soils and under a wider range of climatic conditions than any other staple food. It also matures faster, yielding edible tubers in just 50 days, and reaching maturity in 60 to 120 days. Overall, the potato is the world's most efficient means of converting plant, land, water and labor into a palatable and nutritious food.

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Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon Gold
(Best Seller)
Excellent taste with long storage life.
Red Pontiac Seed Potato

Red Pontiac
(Best Seller)
Consistent and great tasting red potato.

Russet Burbank Potato

Russet Burbank
(Best Seller)
The most popular potato in America!
Red Gold Potatoes

Red Gold
Excellent steamed, boiled, baked, fried, and mashed.
Banana Fingerling Potato Seeds

Banana Fingerling
Delicious most popular fingerling for the garden.
Kennebec Seed Potato

High yielding potato with excellent flavor.
Seed Potato Collection

Seed Potato Collection
A mixture of the 4 most popular growing potatoes!
Colorful Mix Seed Potatoes

Colorful Mix
A great color mix of great tasting seed potatoes.

Red Norland
Smooth skin, white flesh, and high yields.
Colorado Rose Seed Potatoes

Colorado Rose
A great tasting, great storing red skin potato.
La Soda Seed Potatoes

La Soda
A tasty red potato great for baking and frying.
Irish Cobbler

Irish Cobbler
Flavor heirloom potato great for mashed potatoes.
German Butterball Seed Potatoes

German Butterball
A mouth watering, award winning garden potato.
All Blue Seed Potatoes

All Blue
A dark blue skin and flesh potato. Great for cooking!
Yellow Finn Seed Potatoes

Yellow Finn
Known for its buttery flavor and yields.
French Fingerlings

French Fingerling
Beautiful red skin with yellow flesh that look great on the plate.
Centennial Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato
The most popular sweet potato for a reason!
Beauregard Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato
Widely grown by farmers because of exceptional taste.
Georgia Jets Sweet Potato

Georgia Jets
Sweet Potato
A fast maturing and high yielding sweet potato for home gardeners.
White Yam Potato

White Yam
Sweet Potato
A very white inside that is sweet as sugar.