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Poblano Peppers

The poblano, also called Ancho, pepper is great in salsa, grilled, stir fry or stuffed! A mild chili pepper originating in the state of Puebla, Mexico that ranges between 1,000 to1,500 Scoville Heat Units. Allow the pepper to fully ripen to red for best taste and most heat. It is sweet, but with enough spicy bite to be in the hot pepper category.
Hot and Happy Pepper Mix


An assortment of hot peppers that include habaneros, jalapenos, chilies, poblanos, anchos and more!

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Poblano Pepper Seeds


The Poblano is a pepper of many wonderful uses including salsa, grilling, stir fried or stuffed.

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Ancho Pepper Seeds


The Ancho is a tantalizing pepper with a slight taste of apple flavor. these mild 4- to 6-inch peppers.

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