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Goldstrum Flowers
An old time favorite flower that is highly popular for landscaping!
Dismal River
Dismal River
Dismal River
Dismal River
Dismal River
Urban Farmer

Echinacea Plants
Echinacea Plants
A very beautiful perennial that is popular and reseeds well!

Shasta Daisies
Shasta Daisies
The classic daisy for cut flowers, sunny beds, and borders. 

Perennial Plants

Our quality perennial plants come in FULL size pints with healthy root systems. Our plants have at months of growth and are guaranteed to arrive healthy and ready to plant. Perennial plants are a seasonal item that ships from March to October. Pre-ordering for our perennial transplants begins December 1st.

Herb Plants

Perennial Transplants

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Nepeta Walker Low

Nepeta Plant
Walker's Low

Showy blue flower spikes adorn fragrant foliage.
Sedum Fuldaglut

Sedum Plant

Low-growing, mat-forming, maroon leaved sedum.
Sedum Kamptscjaticum

Sedum Plant

Fleshy, succulent, triangular leaves with open mat of foliage.

Lysimachia Aurea Plant

Lysimachia Plant
A beautiful foliage accent or low lying ground cover. butter-yellow leaves.

White Swan Echinacea Plant

Echinacea Plant
White Swan

Daisy-like flower has coppery cone surrounded by droopy white petals.
PowWow WIld Berry Echinacea Plant

Echinacea Plant
PowWow Wild Berry

Unique, most brilliantly colored Echinacea yet! AAS winner. 

Butterfly Weed Plant

Butterfly Weed Plant

aka. butterfly weed, attracts butterflies by the bunches!
Goldstrum Rudbeckia Plant

Rudbeckia Plant

Upright, large, daisy-like flowers with deep yellow petals.
Sedum Plant

Sedum Plant
Autumn Joy

Attractive, plate-like flowers that start pink and turn to rosy russet.

Sedum Angelina Plant

Sedum Plant

Brilliant color, need-like foliage that is a great groundcover.
Dragons Blood Sedum Plant

Sedum Plant
Dragons Blood

Red margined green leaves become brilliantly red in fall.
Geranium Rozanne Plant

Geranium Plant
Almost non-stop flowering throughout the growing season.
Salvia Caradonna Plant

Salvia Plant

Unique stems, vibrant purple-red stems with glowing purple flowers.
Lavender Plant

Lavender Plant

Compact perennial shrub, that attracts butterflies and humans!
Magnus Echinacea Plants

Echinacea Plant

Tall, coarse plant with large, dark green leaves. Hot pink petals.

Irish Moss Plant

Sagina Plant
Irish Moss

Handsome, green moss-like ground cover. Great for walkways.
Sundown Echinacea Plant

Echinacea Plant

Fragrant and beautiful coneflower. Mid-summer blooms.
Ajuga Chocolate Chip Plants

Ajuga Plant
Chocolate Chip

Dwarf, evergreen that is great in containers, around shrubs or stones.
Mazus Reptan Plant

Mazus Plant
Creeping Mazus

Low creeping mat, studded with small white to lavender flowers.

Stachys Silver Carpet Plant

Silver Carpet
Stachy Plant
An improved garden favorite. Dense growth and beautiful foliage.
Snowcap Shasta Daisy Plant

Daisy Plant

A dwarf daisy with large flower blooms. Great for borders.
Patriot Hosta Plant

Hosta Plant
Bold foliage that is great for brighting borders. Tolerates sun.
White Nancy Lamium Plants

Lamium Plant
White Nancy
A great covercrop that has beautiful foliage. Great for large areas.

Coreopsis Jethro Tull Plant

Coreopsis Plant
Jethro Tull

Bright golden flowers that have distinct fluted petals.
Moonshine Achillea Plant

Achillea Plant

Easy to grow, beautiful, upright perennial that attracts butterflies.
Sempervium Plants

Sempervivum Plant
Hardy Mix

A hardy mix "Hens and Chicks" that is perfect for a stone garden or containers.

Firewitch Dianthus Plant

Dianthus Plant

Perennial plant of the year. Medium pink blooms over silver-blue foliage.
Catlins Giant Ajuga

Ajuga Plant
Catlins Giant
Dense, great for shady locations. Fast growing and blooms 8" spikes.
Route 66 Coreopsis Plant

Coreopsis Plant
Route 66

Yellow petals with a ring of burgundy around the center.

Hummelo Stachy Plant

Stachy Plant

Excellent for flowers and foliage. Lovely pink flowers.
Ast Rainbow Eupohrbia Plant

Eupohrbia Plant
Ascot Rainbow
Foliage is topped with clusters of beautiful color in the spring.
Carmel Heuchera Plant

Heuchera Plant

Bright gold leaves that mature to peachy-orange. Survives high heat.
Plum Pudding Heuchera Plant

Heuchera Plant
Plum Pudding

Shimmering foliage with metallic silver highlights that are beautiful.
Becky Daisy Plant

Daisy Plant

A larger, popular perennial, great for containers and pots.
Chatters Mix Hollyhock Plant

Chatter's Mix
Hollyhock Plant
Tall spikes of mixed color that are perfect for back borders.
Blue Ice Amsonia

Blue Ice
Amsonia Plant
Dense, compact mound of green foliage with beautiful lavender flowers in the spring.

Little Lanterns Aquilegia

Aquilegia Plant
Little Lanterns
A dwarf of columbine, more intense color and attracts hummingbirds.

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