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Patio Vegetable Seed Kit

  • Patio Vegetable Seed Kit
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Patio Garden Seed Kit - Grow fresh and tasty vegetables in patio pots!

INCLUDES: Beefsteak Tomatoes, California Wonder Peppers, Cocozelle Squash, Spacemaster 80 Cucumber, Little Marvel Pea

Donít have enough room for a garden in the backyard or just donít have time to pull weeds? Try growing these vegetable varieties that can be grown in pots. These varieties grow small and need very little care. They still have the explosive flavors of larger varieties. Just plant the seeds directly in a pot and watch them take off. Quick maturing so you will be harvesting early!

Instructions: This kit includes 5 seed packets and soil pellets. Soak the soil pellets in warm water for 5 minutes until fully expanded. Then follow each seed packet instructions for planting.