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Onions Seeds and Plants

Onion Seeds
Nebuka Evergreen
No garden is complete with out these delicious green onions!

Sweet White Walla Walla Onion
Sweet White Walla Walla
A mild onion that can be eaten like an apple!

Yellow Onions
One of the most popular onions grown by home gardeners and markets!

Onions form bulbs in response to changes in day length, but different varieties have different "trigger points" that stimulate bulb formation. Short day onion varieties start to form bulbs as soon as day length exceeds 10 to 12 hours, but long day onions won't start to bulb until days are 14 to 16 hours long. Ideally, you want the onions to keep growing as long as possible before lengthening days trigger them to bulb, so different varieties work in the southern, central, and norther regions.

The sweetest onions are short day onions that grow best in Southern regions. Short day onions mature in about 80 days when planting in the spring. Short day onions don't store well because they contain so much water. After harvest keep them in the fridge. Try the Red Creol onion!

Intermediate day onions produce a beautiful onion with a balanced, spicy sweet flavor. When properly cured they will store for months.These are sometimes referred to as day-neutral varieties because they can be grown almost anywhere. Try the Candy Hybrid onion!

Long day onions grow best in the North region. These onions will form hard, pungent flavor that store for a very long time. Many small specialty onions grow best in northern climates. Try the White Spanish onion!

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Nebuka Onion Seeds

Nebuka Evergreen
(Heirloom) No garden is complete without this green onion!
Sweet White Walla Onion Seeds

Sweet White Walla
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) A mild onion that can be eaten like an apple!

White Sweet Onion Seeds

White Spanish
(Heirloom) Long day. Standard large sweet onion!
Yellow Sweet Spanish Seeds

Yellow Spanish
(Heirloom) One of the most popular onions grown by home gardeners.
Candy Hybrid Onions

Candy Hybrid
Mid-day onion that can grow anywhere.
Red Creol Onion Seeds

Red Creol
(Heirloom) Sweet, red onions that grow in short days.
Stuttgarter Onions

A large, high yielding yellow onion

Our most popular. Great flavor and long storing.
Ailsa Craig Onion

Ailsa Craig Exhibition
A very large growing white onion that has a sweet flavor.
Red Onion Sets

Grow red onions faster and harvest earlier with sets.
Red Grano Onion

Short day, medium sized onion with sweet flavor.
Ruby Onion Seeds

A deep burgundy color with medium-large size. Firm and stores well.
Tokyo Long Bunching Onion

Bunching type, upright stalks, little bulb, and tender.
Red Burgundy Onion Seeds
4" wide, red, short day onion with sweet flavor. Pinkish-white inside.