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Cosmic Purple Carrot Seeds
Bright purple carrots, great tasting and high nutritional value!

Dismal River
Dismal River
Dismal River
Dismal River
Urban Farmer

Round Zucchini Seeds
A small, round zucchini that is great for tight spaces!

Romanesco Broccoli Seeds
A fun looking and still great tasting broccoli variety!

New 2014 Vegetable Seeds

It's that time! We have searched for the best tasting, strangest, colorful, easiest vegetables to add to our ever growing seed selection. The new arrivals for 2014 include tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, spinach, peppers, tomatoes and more!

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Imperial Star Artichoke Seed
The fastest maturing artichoke that is very flavorful.

Scarlet Runner Bean Seeds
A long running bean that has beautiful red flowers when blooming.
Korean Black Edamame Seed
An edamame soybean that has a black coated outside with lime green inside.
Bulls Blood Beet Seeds
Edible red foliage and tender great tasting roots.
Baby Broccoli Seeds
A small head, broccolini that is great for all types of cooking.

Stonehead Cabbage Seeds

F1, 3-4 lbs., fast maturing and one of the best tasting cabbages.

Edisto 47 Melon Seeds
Mildly sweet flavor with high yields. 4-5 lbs. in size.
Parisian Carrot

A small, round, tender carrot great for tough soils.
Sweetness III Carrot Seeds
A very crisp carrot great for eating fresh or cooking.

Peppermint Stick Celery Seeds
A red and white striped celery with great celery flavor.
Iochief Corn Seed
An old and reliable yellow, SU sweet corn. Great for freezing.

Trinity Corn Seed
An early planting and maturing bicolor great for cooler climates.
Armenian Cucumber Seeds
A long, sweet flavored cucumber that has stunning color.
Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber Seeds

A mini cucumber that has a watermelon outside with lemon-cucumber flavor.
Turkish Orange Eggplant
Produces orange tennis ball sized eggplants in high yields.

Casper Eggplant Seeds
A white eggplant variety that has a hint of mushroom flavor.
Grand Rapids Lettuce
Leaf type, bright green, frilled, crisp leaf that is slow to bolt.
Red Romaine Lettuce Seeds

Red Romaine
A great holding, crisp lettuce perfect for farmers markets.
Red Giant Mustard Seeds
A large mustard variety that has purple-red color.
Tokyo Long Bunching Onion

Bunching type, upright stalks, little bulb, and tender.

Tom Thumb Pea Seeds
A tiny pea plant that is great for tiny spaces in containers.
Sugar Snap Pea Seeds

Sugar Snap
An edible pod pea with a great sweet flavor.

Holy Mole Pepper

Holy Mole
A chocolate brown pepper that is great for sauces and dips.
Orange King Bell Pepper
A delicious orange bell pepper that has thick skin and crisp crunch.
Marconi Red Pepper Seeds

Marconi Red
A 3 lobe sweet pepper that has unmatched flavor.
Tabasco Pepper Seeds

A very hot tiny pepper great for spicing up meals and sauces.
Mariachi Pepper

A prolific pepper with mild heat. Very colorful and freeze well.

Connecticut Field Pumpkin

Connecticut Field
An old, proven field pumpkin that grows up to 20 lbs.
Kikuza Squash Seeds

Heirloom with thick, juicy and spicy flesh. Beautiful color.
Golden Zucchini

Golden Zucchini
High yielding zucchini that is very tender and great tasting.
Turk's Turban Gourd Seed

Turk's Turban
A uniquely shaped gourd that keeps well once cut.
Orange Stem Swiss Chard

Orange Stem
Great for gardeners who want to separate colors.

Pink Stem Swiss Chard

Pink Stem
Great for gardeners who want to separate colors.
Big Beef Tomato

Big Beef
AAS. Our favorite beefsteak. High yields and crack resistant.
Sugary Tomato Seeds

AAS. Oval and pointed with juicy, .5 ounce fruits.
Red Currant Tomato Seeds

Tiny currant tomatoes that are mouth watering.

Early Cascade Tomato Seeds

An excellent salad tomato. Early maturing, great tasting clusters of tomatoes.
Black Prince Tomato

Russian heirloom that has 3 ounce, juicy, distinctive taste.

Paul Robeson Tomato

Great tomato for cooler climates. Deep maroon, great flavor.
Best Tomato Variety Collection

Best Tasting Collection
A collection of 6 tomatoes that we have voted as best tasting!
All American Selection Tomato Collection
5 Packs of All American Selection tomato winners. Can't go wrong!
Watermelon Radish Seeds
Cream outside with pink inside. Crisp, great flavor.
Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Seeds
Bolivian Rainbow
Beautiful chili pepper plant that produces hundreds of fruits.

Giant Strawberry Seeds
Very large strawberries that have a juicy bite!

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