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Annual Flower Seeds and Plants

One of the most popular home garden flowers. Great for cutting!
These beautiful flowers can be used for borders and great tasting seeds!

An American classic with great scent and vibrant colors. 

Best Annual Sellers

Rudbeckia Indian Summer
Indian Summer
Golden-yellow single and semi-double Rudbeckia giant blooms.

Germanium Elite Mix
Germanium Elite Mix
True pack-blooming geraniums with rounded full heads!

Painted DaisiesPainted Daisy
Bushy annuals that produce plenty of daisies in early summer!

Zinnia Star MixZinnia Star Mix
Strong spreading plant that is great for hanging baskets.

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An enormous flower that blooms at night. Great vining flower.
Ipomoea Blackie Plant
Ipomoea Plant
Great foliage to use as ground cover or accent plant.
Marguerite Ipomoea Plants
Ipomoea Plant
Bright foliage that is great as a trailing vine.