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Mini Amaryllis Flower Bulbs

  • Mini Amaryllis Flower Bulbs



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10 Bulbs per Bag

The Amaryllis is a beautiful, fascinating flowering bulb.
The Amaryllis is a beautiful, fascinating flowering bulb. It is not hardy in places that have extended periods of frost, having originated in tropical regions. The modern bulb most commonly known and sold as the Amaryllis is really a Hippeastrum. This cumbersome name has been rejected by bulb growers, and in retail stores you will not see colorful boxes labeled in large letters with the appellation Hippeastrum. The Amaryllis name usually refers to the Amaryllis Belladonna, one of the progenitors of the current Hippeastrum crop imported by Dutch growers. The major Dutch breeders have spent the last two centuries hybridizing these specimens to bring us the flower we know and love. Today's cultivars have stalks ranging from about 12" to 24" with each stalk having four to six flowers. Typically, a bulb will produce two stalks in a blooming season. With care, these bulbs will bloom every year for many years.

These annuals should be 2 to 4 inches apart and 2 to 3 inches deep. Amaryllis bulbs need a sunny location with plenty of moisture.Loosen the soil beneath the corms well so that roots can penetrate easily. If you want these annuals to come back every year you should dig up every fall and store bulbs for the next year.