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Lucky Shamrock Flower Bulbs

  • Lucky Shamrock Flower Bulbs



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10 Bulbs per Bag

Grow your lucky shamrocks inside or out!
This South African native is sometimes sold during March as the popular Shamrock Plant associated with St. Patrick's Day. But don't stop there; continue to enjoy regnelli's gaiety through the year. Tuck regnelli on the side of a deck, in pots along a porch edge or indoors on a sunny windowsill. Place it where you can admire the attractive pinwheel leaves to enjoy its full offering.

These annuals should be 2 to 4 inches apart and 2 to 3 inches deep. Gladiolus bulbs need a sunny location with plenty of moisture. If not planted deep enough they are likely to fall over when heavily loaded with flowers. Loosen the soil beneath the corms well so that roots can penetrate easily. Work bone meal into the soil before planting. They will need a side-dressing when the flower spikes are forming.