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Kitchen Supplies

Harvesting fresh vegetables is one of the best part of gardening. Once you get the vegetables to the kitchen these product will help you clean, process and store your fresh vegetables.
Food Strainer


Food Strainer is ideal for homemade jams, purees and sauces!

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Garden Hod


Makes collecting and cleaning vegetables easier!

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Garden Soap


This soap is perfect for gardeners and others who love a rough scrub!

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Herb Keeper


This Herb Keeper locks in the flavor of fresh herbs for up to three weeks.

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Loofah Scrubber


Beautiful hand made loofahs that are eco-friendly and a great way to clean your dirty vegetables.

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Tomato Press


Press fresh tomato sauces, marinara, salsa, juice, paste and soup!

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Vegetable and Fruit Keeper


Produce saver is the ideal environment for fresh fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh longer.

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