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Indoor Flower Bulbs

Gladiolus Flowers
Gladiolus Flower Mix
One of the most popular home garden flowers. Great for cutting!
Daffodli Flowers
Mix Daffodil Bulbs
A wonderful blend of small cup daffodil flower bulbs!

Tiger Lily Flowers
Tiger Lillies
An American classic with great scent and vibrant colors. 

Indoor Flower Bulbs
These indoor flower bulbs can be brought inside during the winter months to bring beauty to any room. They don't need much light or maintenance. They even grow great in 5" or bigger flower pots.

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Indoor Flower Bulbs

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Blue Hyacinth Bulbs

Blue Hyacinth
Vibrant blue hyacinths that are great for indoors.
Pink Hyacinth

Pink Hyacinth
Vibrant pink hyacinths that are great for indoors!
White Ziva Bulbs

Paperwhite Ziva
Ziva's grow fast and have a great scent!
Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus
Indoor flower kit perfect for a gift.
Apple Blossom Amaryllis Kit

Apple Blossom Amaryllis
A fast growing flower with beautiful blooms.
Red Amaryllis

Red Amaryllis
A fast growing flower with beautiful red blooms.
White and Red Amaryllis

White & Red Amaryllis
A fast growing flower with red and white blooms.