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Indoor Gardening Herb Kits

One of the most popular herbs, oregano can make any dish better!
A popular herb that is an essential element in Italian cuisine!

Lavendar Plant
Aromatic flowers and leaves. Perfect for potpurri and dried wreaths.

Growing Indoor Herbs

Herb kits will grow great herbs indoors as outdoors. Just find a great sunny location on a window seal and a well drained container and you'll be on your way to growing herbs indoors.

1. Choose the herb varieties that work best for you and your family. Some herbs are care free and only need the occasional watering.

2. Choose a proper soil for growing indoor herbs. Mix potting soil with sand and a small amount of lime to give your herbs the best soil conditions for growth. Before adding soil to your container, layer the bottom with gravel to ensure suitable drainage.

3.Probably the most important step is choosing the location your indoor herb garden will sit. Most herbs require at least a moderate amount of sunlight, so a place near a window or skylight is ideal. Windows facing south will provide the best sunlight, while windows facing north will supply less adequate lighting.

4.When your herbs receive the right amount of water, they will flourish and thrive. Typically, once every one to two weeks will be plenty. Water just enough to keep the soil moist. Too much water can deprive your plant of oxygen.

During the warm months, a little time outdoors can give your plants a boost.