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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
Cherokee Purple
Cherokee Purple is a great producer of small cherry sized tomatoes!

Heirloom Beans
Contender Beans
(Heirloom) A very productive bean that tolerates harsh conditions.

Little Finger Carrots
Little Finger Carrots
(Heirloom) Baby gourmet Nantes type develops color quickly for early pulling.

Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom seeds are one of the most popular types of seeds grown in home gardens throughout the United States. Heirloom seeds date back to old times when families did their own farming for survival. Nowadays, heirloom seeds are used mainly in home gardens and small farming patches. Most heirloom vegetables have kept their traits through open pollination.

Over the last decade or so heirloom seeds have been increasing in popularity due to the economy and healthy nature. Heirlooms are free of genetic manipulation and are tried and true to grow tasty and large yields every time. Typically heirlooms have adapted over time to many different climates and soil conditions and withstand almost all environments.

Heirlooms are typically easy to grow and offer the best flavors in the kitchen. Our heirloom selection is always changing so please look back frequently for more heirloom seeds!

SeaDirt Seaweed Fertilizer
SeaDirt provides larger vegetables, higher yields, and longer shelf life to fruits and vegetables.

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Organic Bloomsdale Spinach

(Heirloom) A very productive and tasty spinach.
Organic Calabrese Broccoli

(Heirloom) Broccoli that produces compact shoots over a long season.
Organic California Wonder Pepper Seeds

California Wonder
(Heirloom) Easy to grow pepper perfect for the home garden.
Big Rainbow Tomato

Big Rainbow
(Heirloom) A pleasure to watch this beautiful tomato grow. Very large!
Organic Cherry Belle Radish

Cherry Belle
(Heirloom) An early maturing radish that is a garden staple.
Organic Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

Cherokee Purple
(Heirloom) A favorite tomato variety for its color, taste, and size.
Organic Contender Beans

(Heirloom) A productive bean that is widely adapted.
Brandywine Tomato

Best Seller
(Heirloom) Our favorite for taste.
Kellogg's Beefsteak Tomato

Kellogg's Beefsteak
(Heirloom) Produces bright orange tomatoes with few seeds. Dependable yields.
Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Blend
(Organic) A blend of 6 different heirloom tomato seeds. All colors and flavors.

Organic Hungarian Wax Pepper

Hungarian Wax
(Heirloom) A thick walled pepper with high yields of uniform fruits.
Pineapple Tomato

(Heirloom) Large, beefsteak tomato that can reach 2 pounds. Great tangy taste!
Organic Muncher Cucumber

(Heirloom) A favorite low-acid cucumber with good yields.
Organic Rouge Di Hiver Lettuce

Rouge Di Hiver
(Heirloom) A beautiful romaine lettuce with fast growth.
Organic Salad Bowl Lettuce
(Heirloom) Decorative lettuce with closely set leaves.
Organic San Marzano Tomatoes
(Heirloom) Vigourous tomatoes the produce clusters of tasty tomatoes.
Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar Baby
(Heirloom) An excellent home garden variety watermelon with small seeds.
Cherokee Beans

(Heirloom) A standard black bean that offer tremendous taste.
Kentucky Wonder Bean Seeds

Kentucky Wonder
(Heirloom) A bean that has been around for generations with great flavor.
Topcrop Beans

Best Seller
(Heirloom) A very heavy, concentrated set. Great for freezing and canning.
Yolo Wonder Pepper Seeds

Yolo Wonder
(Heirloom) An improved bell pepper that is perfect for home gardens.
Sweet Pickle Peppers

Sweet Pickle
(Heirloom) A colorful, great pickling pepper with a sweet flavor.
Sweet Banana Pepper Seeds

Sweet Banana
(Heirloom) A great flavored, mild pepper that is very popular.
Anaheim Pepper Seeds

Anaheim Chili
(Heirloom) A meatier, mild chili pepper that has great flavor.
Caribbean Red

Caribbean Red
(Heirloom) The hottest pepper you can get.
Habanero Peppers

(Heirloom) 215,000 Scovilles! One of the hottest peppers we offer.
Cayenne Long Red

Cayenne Long Red
(Heirloom) Bright and vibrantly red peppers are great and easy to dry.
Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seeds

Scarlet Nantes
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) A very popular variety of carrot that is a staple in home gardens.
Golden Acre Cabbage Seeds

Golden Acre
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) A tasty cabbage that arrives early and is suited for close spacing.
Late Flat Dutch Cabbage Seeds

Late Flat Dutch
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) This cabbage is known for its solid head and excellent flavor.
Early Golden Bantam Corn Seed

Early Golden Bantam
(Heirloom) Old time favorite for its consistency and proven flavor.
Homemade Pickle Seeds

Homemade Pickles
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom)The most popular pickling cucumber raised by home gardeners!
Marketmore 76 Cucumber Seeds

Marketmore 76
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) A great slicer selected for quality and yield.
Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds

(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) Popular bibb type. An old time favorite.
Prizehead Lettuce

(Heirloom) One of the most popular and best tasting lettuces for home gardens.
White Sweet Onion Seeds

White Spanish
(Heirloom) Long day. Standard large sweet onion!
Green Arrow Peas and Seeds

Green Arrow
(Heirloom) A long time home garden favorite!
Sugar Ann Pea Seeds

Sugar Ann
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) AAS Award winning. Great for freezing.

Little Marvel Peas

Little Marvel
(Heirloom) Well known old time home garden favorite.
Roma Tomatoes

Best Seller
(Heirloom) A popular tomato preferred for Italian paste and canning.
Honey Dew Melons

Honey Dew
(Heirloom) A great tasting, easy to grow melon. A garden favorite!
Utah Celery

(Heirloom) A fast growing, crisp flesh celery.
Long Purple Eggplant

Long Purple
(Heirloom) Considered a productive Italian type of eggplant!
Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale

Dwarf Blue Scotch
(Heirloom) For garnishes and hearty winter meals!
Red Russian Kale

Red Russian
(Heirloom) An easy to grow kale that is great for salads.
Large American Flag Leek

American Flag
(Heirloom) A widely adapted variety with non-bulbing shanks.
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Black Seeded Simpson
(Heirloom) A favorite leaf lettuce for generations of gardeners.
Oak Leaf Lettuce Seeds

Oak Leaf
(Heirloom) Very tender leaves resemble the white oak.
Iceburg Lettuce Seeds

(Heirloom) Easy to grow, slowest bolting crisphead.
Mesclun Mix Lettuce

Mesclun Mix
(Heirloom) A mix of zesty leaves with great color.
Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar Baby
(Organic, Heirloom) An excellent watermelon with small seeds.
Tendergreen Mustard

(Heirloom) A great flavor mustard leaf that blends well with spinach.
Cow Horn Okra

Cow Horn
(Heirloom) Produces a high yield of 14" inch green okra.
Nebuka Onion Seeds

Nebuka Evergreen
(Heirloom) No garden is complete without this green onion!
Sweet White Walla Onion Seeds

Sweet White Walla
(Best Seller)
(Heirloom) A mild onion that can be eaten like an apple!

Red Creol Onion Seeds

Red Creol
(Heirloom) Sweet, red onions that grow in short days.
Yellow Sweet Spanish Seeds

Yellow Spanish
(Heirloom) One of the most popular onions grown by home gardeners.
Crimson Sweet Watermelons

Crimson Sweet
(Heirloom) Excellent quality flesh. A widely adapted watermelon.
Turnip Purple Top White

Purple Top White
(Heirloom) Smooth attractive roots with sweet flavor.
Black Beauty Squash Seeds

Black Beauty
(Organic, Heirloom) Glossy fruit, good flavor, vigorous.
 29 Broccoli Seeds

Waltham 29
(Heirloom) A high yielding broccoli variety with excellent taste.
Crimson Giant Radish

Crimson Giant
(Heirloom) A giant growing radish variety with great flavor.
Hailstone Radish Seeds

(Heirloom) A crisp, white flesh with excellent storage.
Easter Egg Radish

Easter Egg
(Heirloom) A colorful blend of tasty radishes.
Spinach Seeds

(Organic, Heirloom) Absolutely the best available spinach. Easy and tasty!
 Di Toro Peppers

Corno Di Toro
(Heirloom) A delicious old-time frying pepper.