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Green Metal Herb Kit (Round)

  • Green Metal Herb Kit (Round)
  • Green-Italian-Herb-Trio-Garden-Kit.jpg

Green metal herb kit has a unique look unlike anything else. Comes with 3 round pots, tray, soil, seeds, markers & instructions.




A high quality metal herb kit that is a great gift for any occasion!
This herb kit comes with three galvanized steel pots and tray stand that will last for years! 

Comes with 5 herb packets (basil, cilantro, rosemary, chives, parsley). This herb kit will grow great indoors and out! It looks great on a windowsill and will provide tasty fresh herbs for your family.

Includes: 3 Metal Pots, 1 Drip Tray, Soil Pellets, Herb Seeds, Wooden Markers and Instructions
Dimensions: 14"x 4"x 4"