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Garlic Bulbs

California Early Garlic
California Early
Most commonly grown soft neck in home gardens in the US.

Italian Purple Garlic
Italian Purple
Great tasting garlic with excellent storage

Spanish Roja Garlic
Spanish Roja
A perfect garlic variety for early harvest in home gardens.

Fall garlic bulbs will begin shipping in September. Please see our shipping chart and dates for more information. When ordering you may receive garlic separately from other seeds due to shipping window. If you have any questions about our garlic bulbs please contact us.

Garlic is a part of the allium genus and is thus related to the onion. Garlic is best known as a cooking ingredient used for its wonderful taste. It would actually be better to say "tastes" because it can take on a completely different taste depending on how it's cooked - everything from a subtle sweet flavor to a strong almost overpowering one. Garlic can also vary in taste by wear its grown, having a more sweet flavor in warmer climates to a spicy taste in cooler environments.

Garlic Planting & Caring

Garlic varieties are broadly classified into two main categories: hardneck and softneck. The primary difference being that hardneck varieties produce a flower stalk and are often termed "topsetting" or "bolting" varieties.

Softneck garlics are very productive and produce smaller but more numerous cloves per plant. It is the easiest to grow and very adaptable in many climates and soils. The garlic flavor ranges from very mild to very hot.

The Hardneck garlic produces a "woody" flower stalk. The cloves are generally much larger and easier to peel. Garlics of this type have more complex and interesting flavors. Hardneck garlic is most closely related to wild garlic. Flowers, if they are produced, usually abort and form "bulbils" instead.

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California Early

California Early
(Best Seller)
Most commonly grown softneck garlic.
Italian Purple Garlic

Purple Italian
Great tasting garlic with excellent storage life.

Spanish Roja

Spanish Roja
An excellent early harvest garlic bulb.
Garlic Bulb Collection

Garlic Collection
A mix of popular garden garlic bulbs.
Elephant Garlic Bulbs

Elephant Garlic
A very large garlic with excellent flavor and storage.
German Porcelain Garlic

German Porcelain
A flavorful hardneck garlic with great storing ability.
Siberian Garlic Bulbs

A flavorful garlic that is perfect for Northern climates.
Transylvanian Garlic Bulbs

A softneck with sharp bit and good in cold climates.
Idaho Silver Garlic Bulbs

Idaho Silver
A full bodied taste, this silverskin is great for most climates.
Romanian Red Garlic Bulbs
A hardneck porcelain garlic with red shades.
German Red Garlic Bulbs
A hardneck, spicy Rocambole that stores well.
Music Garlic Bulbs
A "garlic lovers" garlic for mild flavor and easy peeling.
Thai Purple Garlic Bulbs
A hardneck garlic that produces a delicate tingle on the tongue.
Chinese Pink Garlic Bulbs
A softneck variety with mellow flavor.